Feature film set in Athens, GA



Rag and Bone is a rusted-out, supernatural thriller directed by Evan McNary and currently in post-production.


A woman’s ghost may hold the key to her father’s redemption.

WYATT was once a musician in Athens’ legendary music scene but reckless choices have left him an outcast, drifting through the rural outskirts as a salvage collector.  

After his estranged daughter MIRANDA tragically dies, Wyatt comes to believe her ghost is haunting him with a request. Desperate to redeem himself in her eyes, Wyatt sets out on a mission of vengeance that will (hopefully) let her rest in peace.  

 Spoiler Alert: nothing goes as planned. 



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Rag & Bone was fueled by the ragged, restless spirit of American New Wave films like Five Easy Pieces, Nashville, Medium Cool and McCabe & Mrs Miller and more recent films in that vein like Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus and Blue Ruin. As in those films, we want audiences to feel like they’ve lived among our fascinating, if flawed characters and experienced their rough and tumble world firsthand.  




What Makes Rag & Bone Unique?

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The actors are undoubtedly the “lightning in a bottle” aspect of this film. 

From seasoned (and exceptionally talented) pros like Josh Mikel to first timers, each actor brought authenticity and vibrance to the story. Eddie Craddock, playing Wyatt, is such a confident, instinctive and grounded actor, it’s nearly impossible to believe this is his first leading role in a feature film. 

We were also fortunate to have many Athens-based musicians, artists, local personalities, and "average folk” appear in the film, lending their talents and an unmistakable realness to the story. These include legendary musicians Jim White, Sienna Chandler (Monsoon), Willow AvalonLinqua FranqaLeeAnn Peppers and Donna Hopkins. Visual artists include painter/Athens royalty Vernon Thornsberry and folk art legend Chris Hubbard (CHUB) who both play substantial roles in the film.  

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Collaborative Storytelling

We began with a full-length script but wanted the story to blend with the energy of its environment and continue to evolve as we filmed. We jumpstarted this process by filming mini-documentaries of various locals in town, developing a comfort level with them and reacquainting ourselves with the area. From here, we invited a number of these locals to play fictional versions of themselves and threaded the primary actors and storyline through their worlds.

As director, Evan McNary encouraged the “real people” to stray from the script and act as they would in their daily life. Based on their actions and dialogue, we revised subsequent scenes to match what transpired. This brought an organic quality to the scenes and also challenged the trained actors to think on their feet as the scenes unfolded (which they’ve handled incredibly well).   



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